Medela Brownie Strudels

Gentle and fine biscuit enriched in cocoa, filled with chocolate or fruit filling, makes a juicy and irresistible treat, with which time stops and pleasure comes. Satisfy your senses!

Cocoa biscuit with refreshing raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry jam. Every bite of this strudel will bring you back to nature, awakening life energy in you.

Soft and juicy biscuit filled with delicious raspberry. It is made of dough with fresh eggs with the addition of cocoa powder. Completely natural biscuit without artificial colors and additives.

Delightful combination of cocoa cream and soft airy dough enriched with cocoa and hazelnut. No, it is not a dream, the chocolate paradise really exists.

The ideal balance of a fi ne chocolate biscuit made from fresh eggs and filling with a refreshing orange aroma. A sweet that awakens optimism and makes you smile.

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