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  • Waffles

    The full flavor of its filling is placed between crispy waffle crusts. From the first bite you will be delighted by the combination of these two textures. Close your eyes and feel that taste, which you will certainly remember and come for again and again.

  • Strudels

    Soft airy dough stuffed with a delicious fruity filling. This sweet will bring you back to your childhood, reminding you of the scents of your grandmother's kitchen and all those sweets that she made with her soul. What is your favorite flavor?

  • Tea Biscuits

    It is crispy enough, but at the same time soft enough, so that you can choose whether you want to dip it into your tea or coffee or you just want to enjoy its delicate flavor without any supplements. You will simply fall in love with these tea biscuits without artificial flavors.

  • Whole Grain Biscuits

    When you want to have sweets, but you still want to stay faithful to your diet, integral biscuits are your best choice. They are naturally rich in fiber and made from integral cereals, dried fruits and chocolate pieces, offering you 3 different options for enjoying its taste without an excess of calories.