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The story of Medela began in 1975 when the smell of strudels was felt for the first time in the town of Vrbas!

The factory was opened under the name “Vitalkeks” and its basic mission was to produce a sweet that would sweeten homes throughout Serbia. Soon after its opening, the factory changed its name and Medela was officially born.

The recipe has remained the same from the first strudel up to the present day. You fell in love with the soft airy dough and the full-flavored fruity fillings, and we endeavored to enrich, in time, our palette of sweets, which you liked so much.

That is how our waffles, tea biscuits and other types of biscuits appeared, in order to satisfy all your requirements and tastes.


Medela time machine

This unique time machine will bring you back to childhood and remind you of the smells of the most beautiful, grandmother’s cakes.

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