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Unique crispy tea biscuit filled with tasty cocoa cream, covered with gentle cocoa dressing and sprinkled with roasted hazelnut. This delightful cookie perfectly matches with your cup of coffee or tea.

An irresistible combination of crunchy tea biscuits and a gentle milk cream, covered with cocoa dressing and sprinkled with coconut. For those who really love sweets and enjoy every bite.

Perfectly baked, crispy and moderately salty. Our pretzels contain no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. More fl avor. Fewer Ingredients. Smarter Baking.

Perfectly baked, crispy and moderately salty. Our pretzels contain no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. More flavor. Fewer Ingredients. Smarter Baking.

Our integral salted pretzels sprinkled with sesame have a deep and rich taste. They are made from integral wheat flour, according to a special recipe, then baked slowly and we get an irresistible crunchy, salty treat.

A dough as soft as a soul and a sweet fruity filling with sour cherry taste, everything covered with gentle, black chocolate. Who could resist this?

This is the queen of our assortment and the grandmother of all strudels, a sweet that has been served for more than 40 years.

We have also created the integral double of the queen of our assortment, the fig strudel. Delicious snacks suitable for fasting can be at your fingertips.

If you cannot decide which is your favorite fruit, why not try a soft strudel filled with a fantastic combination of different sweet fruits?

The soft airy dough and the aromatic apricot filling will certainly remind us of the tastes of our childhood and the smell of the grandmother’s kitchen.

Airy dough, soft as a soul combined with an intense strawberry bathed in gentle of vanilla will steal your heart forever.

Irresistible of soft dough and rich choco flavor. Eat something sweet, treat your sense of taste and enjoy!

The combination of citrus and chocolate is always an excellent choice. Try this strudel with Jaffa orange taste and you will understand why we are right.

Cereal bar with fruit mix and cocoa coating

Cereal bar with cocoa coating

Cereal bar with fruit mix.

Cereal bar with honey

Cereal bar with dried apricot

Cereal bar with dried raisins

Cereal bar with cranberry

Cereal bar with aronia

Cereal bar with pineapple.

Sweet, but sourish. The best possible combination! Try our strudels stuffed with sour cherry filling and you will understand why we are so proud of it.

The magic taste of raspberries leaves nobody indifferent. When you mix that with gentle vanilla flavor (80%) and place it between crispy layers, you will understand why this is the favorite wafer of so many people.

The rich hazelnut cream filling (80%) hides between crispy wafer crusts. One of your favorite tastes. You will be delighted with.

For all those who accept no sweets without chocolate, we have prepared this magic charm placed between wafer crusts. A fantastic blend of chocolate, coconut and refreshing mentol. Try it and convince yourself.

The irresistible filling of chocolate and hazelnut (80%), combined with fresh and crispy wafers, is the ideal seasoning for every day.

Family pack of traditional Medela wafers with hazelnut filling. Enjoyment for the entire family.

When you want to sweeten and refresh at the same time, a lemon-orange wafer is here for you!

The full flavor of the choco filling is placed between the crispy wafers. This combination will delight you at the first bite. Packing for the whole family. Suitable for fasting.

Healthy and made from chocolate! It is possible, of course! Try Medela chocolate whole grain biscuits and convince yourself!

Would you like to eat biscuit, but you feel pangs of conscience? Forget about it! Medela whole grain biscuits will sweeten you with a minimum of calories!

Who said that healthy is not tasty? Medela crispy whole grain biscuit with cranberries and raisins represents the ideal combination of sourness and sweetness in one sweet.

Cocoa biscuit with refreshing raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry jam. Every bite of this strudel will bring you back to nature, awakening life energy in you.

Soft and juicy biscuit filled with delicious raspberry. It is made of dough with fresh eggs with the addition of cocoa powder. Completely natural biscuit without artificial colors and additives.

Delightful combination of cocoa cream and soft airy dough enriched with cocoa and hazelnut. No, it is not a dream, the chocolate paradise really exists.

The ideal balance of a fi ne chocolate biscuit made from fresh eggs and filling with a refreshing orange aroma. A sweet that awakens optimism and makes you smile.

Juicy and soft, strudel that melts in your mouth. Pleasure measured in snacks.

Prirodan proizvod, bez aditiva i konzervanasa. Jedan od najboljih izvora proteina. Bogat esencijalnim mineralima (P, Mg, Ca, Fe). Bogat vitaminima (provitamin A, B kompleks, E, D i K9). Bogat dijetetskim vlaknima. Sadrži nizak sadržaj masnoća.

The taste to be remembered, the cookie we grew up with. Prepare a cup of coffee and Bucko will arrive to keep you company.

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